a sea of troubles

calling your ex-boyfriend about relationship advice at 1 am is probably not the best thing to do while you’re drunk and he has finals buttfuck it

I can’t fucking wait to go to work tomorrow because after that, IT’S FRIDAY

I honestly can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror because I feel so repulsing

I want to do bad things with good intentions

Perlaโ€™s gonna make my KD ratio drop in CoD by playing on my account )โ€™:

same Quiet cosplay because I didn’t finish Lightning’s on time

same Quiet cosplay because I didn’t finish Lightning’s on time

LA today

LA today

be good to me or do bad things to me, there is no in-between

thereโ€™s a fine line between the way you treat your stuff and the way someone else should treat it.

I’m going to keep doing stupid shit until my heart is completely shattered

in need of friends in the ft. lauderdale, fl area who like going to rock shows and comic conventions

I want a cute boy to kiss and hold my hand

holy shit, titanfall comes out for the 360 today. guess I know what I’m doing after work. I think it’s pay day, too.

time doesn’t heal every wound, it just makes it hurt less

my boss is upset I didn’t show up for shipment this morning, but what am I supposed to do when I caught the flu and standing outside in the cold at 6am doesn’t seem like it’s going to help? I could barely stand a 4 hour shift yesterday and wanted to go home after the first hour. I even asked to leave and that should’ve been a sign that I really wasn’t feeling well because for the most part, I’m a reliable employee and don’t ask for much.